Train’s a-coming down the track

Customers along North Point are excited about the coming of the railroad.  Now Simmons Mattresses can be loaded into boxcars for shipment throughout the western states.  Cream of Tartar can be shipped from Stauffer Chemical.  And Nash Distributors might finally be able to fill their warehouse space with incoming shipments.



Okay, we’re still wondering just how useful it will be to load car when we can’t take them beyond the end of the street, since we run out of track at that point.   And just how did that train get here?

But there’s track down on my railroad, with the main street running down North Point and several spurs completed.  The engine is just entering the curve that swings over to the alignment on Beach St.

Obviously there is still track to go down — on the left is the spur to the S.P. auto unloading ramp and Leslie Salt.   In the front is the lead to the Del Monte cannery and a spur to Musto Keenan.

But I ran out of rail, so a brief hiatus in order for the gandy dancers.

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