The bones are finished

Day 2 of the Last Week of the Year:

I’ve had much of my benchwork in place for a couple of months now (see  this post), but today I finished the base structure for the layout.

Last Sunday I got help to pick up several sheets of Homasote and one more sheet of plywood (thanks, Dave).  Today I picked up several more 1x4s and 1x3s (Menard’s Black Label select pine — nice stuff), and I finished up the last section of L-girders, plus the joists for the subroadbed.  It’s nice how quickly everything goes when you’ve got a plan and all of the tools readily at hand.


I do need to add some braces between the legs and the girder, but that’s another run to Menard’s (1x2s).

The plywood is in place, the Homasote is all cut and in place.  I’ve even got some temporary fascia installed.

Now to do another solid round of dust cleanup, and I’m ready to start making some progress on something above the benchwork for once.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592

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