The railroad work week has started

Every year I take the week between Christmas & New Year’s off from work[1], but I stay at home and usually work on my railroad.

This year I am happily continuing this tradition.

Yesterday I got rid of an old couch (one that’s been with me for over 35 years – probably 15 different dwellings in 3 states).  It’s been in my basement for many years now, and the space it takes up has too rarely been used for sitting and more likely used to pile stuff.   I had to remove the handrails to the stairwell and move a bookshelf in order to fit the sofa up the stair well.  It was a tight squeeze, but Max and I got it up the stairs and out into the garage.

I then put a bunch of other things away, making room to move things around now that the 8 foot long couch was gone.   It’s amazing how much more space I have in my basement now.

So yesterday was cleaning.

Today was benchwork, about which more will be posted soon.

I hope to actually have some track laid and operating before the end of the year.



Note 1: This stems from one year, one of my first in the full time working world, where my boss did not allow  me to take my planned vacation because the release wasn’t done on time, even though the person who didn’t get their stuff done did go on vacation.  So I (the release engineer) made the release on December 25th, which was encoded in the version number that every customer saw for  the next several months (until the next quarterly release).  Boss took no small amount of crap from customers who wanted to know why the company forced someone to work on Christmas.   The following Christmas my vacation request was granted, and thus the tradition was born.

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