Oh My Aching….

Michael: I guarantee these are not what you first thought of.


When working on benchwork, or underlayout wiring, or schlepping things around, I find myself kneeling a lot.  And my knees ain’t what they used to be.   A $3 pair of foam knee pads is the best investment I can think of for making a model railroad.

Oh, they’re not perfect.  The elastic strap might be a bit too tight for all-day use.  They do sometimes slip down.  These are solvable, especially if you’re willing to part with a little more $$$ and buy some of the flexible armor that a Knight of the Round Table would have been happy to have back in the day.   But for $3, these foam pads work well for as often as I need them.

My first pair was purchased before the Saint Paul Bridge & Terminal was built.  I recently was wondering why my knees hurt so much, even when I was using them.  Well, foam wears out with use.  Duh!  No kidding.  14 years on one pair isn’t bad — probably should have been 13 1/2, but I’ll survive.

Sine qua non.

I wouldn’t even begin to build  new railroad without these.

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