Power to the People

My bench work is a U shape, with the two uprights set in from the outer walls of the basement (since layout edge is more important to me than running length). The big downside to this is that the inner portion of the layout now has no convenient access to power outlets.

Today’s project was electrical. Run some 120V power to outlets on the inside of the U. A side bonus – one of those outlets has a pair of USB charging points. That will keep my streaming tunes (and news) running.

Overall, a simple project. But the payoff will continue for a very long time.

Next will be the switch (with pilot light) for the RR electronics.



I find that I use my laptop a lot when programming locomotives. So I put in a laptop drawer right next to where the roundhouse goes. Now I will be able to set up the laptop anytime I need it. This drawer will have the Locobuffer’s USB cable attached, so everything I need for programming will be right here.



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